KN FM Evolution: Kharafi National (KN), established in 1976 has developed from a local contracting company of about 100 employees and $11 million turnover into a world class Pan-Arabian Infrastructure Project Developer, Contractor and Facilities Service Provider of around 35,000 employees and $ 2.3 billion turnover. Throughout this evolution period we have witnessed the growing demand for
KN’s diversified FM portfolio is a testimonial of our belief that every facilities is unique & should be treated with individual care & attention. Our FM model is flexible and adaptive enough to meet a wide variety of facilities
The KN FM services comprise of 4 main categories; Hard Services, Soft Services, Support Services & HSE Services. Our services provide our clients with the added value of the one-stop shop concept & ultimately >More
We believe customer satisfaction is first & foremost
We believe we must meet our commitments together with a fiduciary responsibility to safety, health & environment.
> We believe it takes
"Kharafi National will become the best regional provider of value-added services to our customers."
Kharafi National is committed to providing its customers with total facilities
Environmental Responsibility & KNFM
Facilities Management is primarily a 'people' business where long term relationships are built with customers & the wider community. Professionalism, expertise & staff welfare of the FM workforce & other stakeholders, such as suppliers, are key to the success of such a relationship. Kharafi National therefore focuses greatly on the training & remuneration of its FM workforce to ultimately serve better its customers. On an environmental level, Kharafi National is constantly measuring the impact of its operations & devising ways to reduce its eco footprint. Through 'green' practices such as energy management, reduced water consumption & recycling initiatives, Kharafi National translates its CSR-driven procedures into lower operational costs & a lighter eco foot print.
CSR Statement
At Kharafi National, we fully understand the consequences of our decisions in the wider community & on the environment. We therefore strongly believe that CSR policies should be an integral part of our business model.
Hard Services
Mechanical Systems
Electrical Systems
Plumbing Systems
Building Automation
MEP Installations
Soft Services
Waste Management
Hard/Soft Landscaping
Pest Control
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