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 What is KN FM?
What is KNFM?
KN FM Evolution: Kharafi National (KN), established in 1976 has developed from a local contracting company of about 100 employees and $11 million turnover into a world class Pan-Arabian Infrastructure Project Developer, Contractor and Facilities Service Provider of around 35,000 employees and $ 2.3 billion turnover.

Throughout this evolution period, we have witnessed the growing demand for an integrated FM solution across the region. In 1999, we have established the first FM business line that is primarily focused on industrial services. The success of our FM Industrial Services business line formed foundations to another FM business line specializing in institutional & commercial facilities, named as KN FM. The increasing levels of engineering complexity in commercial, residential and retail facilities, as well as the high demand for safe, efficient and cost-effective management of these facilities were all driving forces for establishing the KN FM business line.

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